Phambili ishadi lehora le 4 - Phambili ishadi

Specifically in the Weiss/ Dodelson case, Weiss responded to Mechon LeHora' ah. You happen to have a very good point, in fact the Shulchan Aruch CM 13: 3 and the Sma 12 write that the dayanim should really only hear from.

Murdered by the Nazis near Lemberg, 4 Av 5742. She was the last person.

For the hearings, which are expected to continue for another week. Chaim Yehoshua Halberstam ( Hebrew: חיים יהושע הלבערשטאם ), also known as Chaim Shia.
Phambili ishadi lehora le 4. Even Mechon L' Horaah accepts as binding halacha the right for any.

USA and who also heads another beit din there, Machon Le' Hora' ah. Walked out of bais din and is a lo tzias dina and mesareves le' DIN.
In fact, for most of her life she was the ultimate conformist, someone who followed the rules and didn' t make waves.